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Using Maxima backend of Cantor
Cantor is a front-end to powerful mathematics and statistics packages. Cantor integrates them into the KDE Platform and provides a nice, worksheet-based, graphical user interface. It supports environments for KAlgebra, Lua, Maxima, R, Sage, Octave, Python, Scilab, and Qalculate!
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23.08.4 2023-12-07
23.08.3 2023-11-09
23.08.2 2023-10-12
23.08.1 2023-09-14

Cantor Windows installers are also available to download from the binary-factory. These versions are intended for testing purpose. Get involved and help us make them better!

  • Stabil versiya. Stabil şöbənin sonuncu versiyasından yaradılıb. Sonuncu xəta düzəlişlərindən ibarətdir.
  • Qeyri-stabil versiya. Tərtibat mərhələsi şöbəsinin sonucu versiyasından yaradılıb.