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Chat room in Ruqola

Ruqola is a client for Rocket.Chat.

It supports RC features:

  • Direct Message
  • group channel
  • channel
  • Support autotranslate (when RC has it)
  • Configuring room notification
  • Configuring room
  • Thread message support
  • Discussion room
  • Teams room support
  • Configuring own account
  • Registering new account
  • Support multi account
  • Search message in room
  • Show mention/attachment/Pinned message/start message
  • Support emoji
  • Video support
  • Configure administrator support (add/remove roles, add/remove users, add/remove permissions, configure rooms etc.)
  • Support OTR (in progress)
  • support gif image
  • Add support for uploading attachment files
  • Show unread message information
  • Allow to block/unblock users
  • Auto-away
  • Two-factor authentication via TOTP
  • Two-factor authentication via email
  • Administrator support (Server Info, Rooms, Custom User Status, Custom Sounds, Custom Emoji, Users, Invites, View Log, Permissions, Roles, Oauth), Administrator settings (Message, Account, Retention Policy, File Upload, Encryption)
  • Export Messages

Extra features:

  • Allow to reply directly to message from notification (kde features)
  • Dnd image from ruqola to website or local folder
  • Store message in local database so we can search in offline
  • Mark All Channels are read
  • Add notification history
  • New RocketChat Server Information Support
  • Manage Device (RC >= 5.0)
  • Manage Personal Access Token
  • Add support for local translation
  • Add support for text auto-correction
Install on
This button only works with Discover and other AppStream application stores. You can also use your distribution’s package manager.

Ruqola Windows installers are also available to download from the binary-factory. These versions don’t contain the translations and are intended for testing purpose. Get involved and help us make them better!

  • Stabil versiya. Stabil şöbənin sonuncu versiyasından yaradılıb. Sonuncu xəta düzəlişlərindən ibarətdir.
  • Qeyri-stabil versiya. Tərtibat mərhələsi şöbəsinin sonucu versiyasından yaradılıb.

Buraxılışlar RSS

1.8.2 2022-11-23
1.8.1 2022-10-16
1.8.0 2022-08-31
Windows - win64 (66.38 MB)
sha256: deafa9a418759c9ecf0e421b2974c53c27d2447199dc3d66779d88b5e61df920
1.7.4 2022-08-08
1.7.3 2022-07-31
1.7.2 2022-06-20
Windows - win64 (61.88 MB)
sha256: 8d24b2ed15a09e613ca2d5eb414139ca487507807e4505c709811d9f3b3df79d
1.7.1 2022-05-02
1.7.0 2022-04-01
1.6.3 2022-03-04
Windows - win64 (54.22 MB)
sha256: 6488a9192ad565e8afa474e661541b4640aeecec060eae058ee29d200e3e18e7
1.6.2 2022-02-03
1.6.1 2021-12-22
1.6.0 2021-12-03