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Kolor Lines

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Screenshot of Kolor Lines

Kolor Lines е проста, но силно пристрастяваща игра за един играч.

Играчът трябва да движи цветните топки по игралното поле, като събира в редици по пет от един и същи цвят. След като линията е завършена, тя се премахва от игралното поле, като по този начин се освобождава ценно пространство. В същото време нови топчета пристигат по три след всеки ход, запълвайки игралното поле.

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How to play

Objective: Move the colored balls around the game board, gathering them into the lines of the same color by five.

When Klines starts you are presented with the game board split into 81 squares (the game board is 9x9 squares), and right away three new colored balls appear on the board. Use your mouse to move the balls from cell to cell to group them into the lines of the same color. However, after each of your moves computer drops three more balls onto the board. To avoid feeling up the board you should gather the balls into lines of 5 or more balls. When such line is complete, balls are removed from the field and your score grows.

Note: The new balls will not be added to the field after a line removal. Instead you will be rewarded with yet another move before a new triplet of balls is added.

The increase in score depends solely on the amount of the erased balls.

Note: If you are playing with ‘Show Next’ feature enabled the increase in score is less than if ‘Show Next’ feature is disabled.

KLines can not be won, and is played against the highscore exclusively. The game ends once the whole game board becomes filled up with balls.

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