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Captura de pantalla de NeoChat
Captura de pantalla de NeoChat

El NeoChat és un client de Matrix. Permet enviar missatges de text, fitxers de vídeo i d'àudio a la família, col·legues i amics usant el protocol Matrix.

Matrix és un protocol de comunicacions descentralitzat, que retorna el control a l'usuari. Actualment el NeoChat implementa una gran part del protocol amb l'excepció dels xats encriptats i els xats de vídeo.

El NeoChat funciona en els mòbils i a l'escriptori, proporcionant una experiència d'usuari coherent.

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Aquest botó només funciona amb el Discover i altres botigues d’aplicacions d’AppStream. També podreu utilitzar el gestor de paquets de la vostra distribució.
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També són disponibles els instal·ladors Windows de NeoChat per a baixar des de la binary-factory. Aquestes versions no contenen les traduccions i estan destinades a finalitats de proves. Col·laboreu-hi i ajudeu-nos a millorar-les!

  • Versió estable. Generat a partir de la darrera versió de la branca estable. Conté les darreres correccions d'errors.
  • Versió inestable. Generat a partir de la darrera versió de la branca de desenvolupament.

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21.12 2021-12-07

NeoChat 21.12 brings lots of new features and fixes

  • Solved various problems related to login, logout and account switching
  • Fixed a few problems in the timeline layout
  • Added Spell checking while writing a message
  • Improved Settings pages
  • Many improvements to the android and general mobile support
  • Show blurhashes while images load
  • Support showing custom emojis
  • Added a global menu
  • Added support for spoilers
  • Added a quick switcher to switch between rooms
  • Added support for an optional fancy blur background effect
  • Resizable left and right drawers
  • Added Syntax highlighting in raw json messages
  • Better wayland support
  • Improved file reception and download
1.2.0 2021-06-01

NeoChat 1.2 brings a major redesign of the user interface. The chat page is now using bubbles for the messages and the input component was completely rewritten with a nicer look as well.

It's now possible to send custom reactions by replying to a comment with /react <message>.

NeoChat now supports opening Matrix URIs from your browser.

1.1.1 2021-02-23
1.1.0 2021-02-22

Probably the highlight of this release is the completely new login page. It detects the server configuration based on your Matrix Id. This allows you to login to servers requiring Single Sign On (SSO) (like the Mozilla or the incoming Fedora Matrix instance).

Servers that require agreeing to the TOS before usage are correctly detected now and redirect to their TOS webpage, allowing the user to agree to them instead of silently failing to load the account.

It is now possible to open a room into a new window. This allows you to view and interact with multiple rooms at the same time.

We added a few commands to NeoChat (/shrug, /lenny, /join, /ignore, ...).

We improved the Plasma integration a bit. Now the number of unread messages is displayed in the Plasma Taskbar.

1.0.1 2021-01-13

This version fixes several bugs.

  • NeoChat doesn't require a .well-know configuration in the server to work.
  • Edited messages won't show up duplicated anymore.
  • Various graphic glitches have been fixed.
  • NeoChat now ask for consent to terms and conditions if required instead of displaying nothing.
  • Users avatar in the room list are now displayed correctly.
  • Fix image saving
1.0 2020-12-23 Initial release of NeoChat, the KDE matrix client.