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KDevelop is a Free and Open Source integrated development environment (IDE).

It provides editing, navigation and debugging features for several programming languages, as well as integration with multiple build systems and version-control systems, using a plugin-based architecture.

KDevelop has parser backends for C, C++ and Javascript/QML, with further external plugins supporting e.g. PHP or Python.


Instal·lar a Linux Aquest botó només funciona amb el Discover i altres botigues d'aplicacions en AppStream. També podreu utilitzar el gestor de paquets de la vostra distribució.


5.6.0 7 de setembre de 2020

This release brings half a year of work, focused mainly on stability, performance, and future maintainability. Many existing features have received small improvements again, and there is one highly-visible addition: optional display of inline notes for problems at the end of the line.

AppImage - x86_64 (124.2 MB)

sha256: 6e7fb09ad3827ff16b901c3ed14d943e32dd566bd508f2fe5f2897b76d325e6fdf8fb1a4f84a832a677e245ecf8790ff


sha256: 38adc7d4c4cf2f0fb4191650001e979b5e1b5a3476db28737020baf2fb56f532
5.5.2 2 de juny de 2020
5.5.1 5 de maig de 2020
5.5.0 2 de febrer de 2020
5.4.6 6 de gener de 2020
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