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KleverNotes estas aplikaĵo por prenado kaj administrado de notoj por viaj porteblaj kaj labortablaj aparatoj. Ĝi uzas markdown kaj permesas vin antaŭrigardi vian enhavon.
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1.0.0 2024-06-05

KleverNotes, KDE's Markdown note-taking and management application using Kirigami, is ready for its first release!

KleverNotes allows you to create and preview a Markdown note while giving you the freedom to customize the preview from settings or using a CSS theme. You can organize your notes however you want with a combination of categories and groups, which will be directly reflected on your system in the hierarchy of your KleverNotes storage folders. Simply choose your storage location and you're ready to write!

You can print your notes, add small sketches and even create specific tasks for each of them, all from the application!

Notes are saved as Markdown files in your KleverNotes storage for easy access. They support the entire CommonMark specification with extensive syntax. KleverNotes also introduces a small collection of opt-in “plugins” to extend basic markdown features, such as: code highlighting, note linking, quick emoji, etc.