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Kdenlive ajatelg
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Kdenlive efektid

Kdenline on mittelineaarne videoredaktor. See tugineb MLT raamistikule ja võimaldab tarvitada paljusid heli- ja videovorminguid, lisada efekte ja üleminekuid ning renderdada tulemuse vajalikku vormingusse.


  • Hõlpsasti mõistetav mitme paneeliga liides
  • Palju efekte ja üleminekuid
  • Värviskoobid


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21.08.2 2021-10-07
21.08.1 2021-09-02
21.08.0 2021-08-12
21.04.3 2021-07-08

The last maintenance release of the 21.04 series is out with improvements to same track transitions, improved Wayland support, as well as  fixing issues with rotoscoping and the speech to text module. This version also adds support for the WebP image format.

  • Fix crash closing project with a mix on a clip with keyframable effect.
  • Fix speech to text after recent VOSK api change.
  • Cleanup font setting for qml timeline.
  • Add webp mime type to clip creation dialog.
  • Fix startup crash on Wayland, thanks to
  • Mix: Fix first clip out not correctly reset on second clip deletion.
  • Fix crash on exit when a mix is selected.
  • Resolved Bug 436895 - “Rotoscoping not working right”.