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KTechlab(e)ren pantaila-argazkia

KTechlab is an IDE for microcontrollers and electronics designed to be as easy to use and unintrusive as possible.


  • Wide range of components with editable characteristics
  • Visual editor for circuits
  • Context help for the components
  • Two modes of connector routing: automatic and manual
  • Several ways to define the PIC logic: assembly code, Microbe (own high level programming language) code, C code, and visual FlowCode
  • Interconversion of the programming code between supported languages
  • Inbuilt debugger
  • Simulation with oscilloscope and probes
  • Uploading the assembly code to PIC using hardware programmer
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0.50.0 2020-09-21
This release should compile and run on systems where KDELibs4Support libraries are not available.