KTimeTracker helps you track your personal time spent on various tasks and projects.

It is useful for tracking billable hours and can report the hours logged by task and day.

With KTimeTracker, you can organize a broken-down project as subtasks with unlimited nesting. The standard keyboard and mouse shortcuts are simple and make the tool really comfortable and intuitive to use.


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5.0.1 2019(e)ko abenduaren 21(a)
5.0.0 2019(e)ko abenduaren 19(a)
4.14.10 2015(e)ko uztailaren 1(a)
4.14.9 2015(e)ko ekainaren 2(a)
4.14.8 2015(e)ko maiatzaren 12(a)
4.14.7 2015(e)ko apirilaren 15(a)
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