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Trojitá(e)ren pantaila-argazkia
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Trojitá is an email program ("client") specialized in giving fast and efficient access to mailboxes over the IMAP protocol. An IMAP mail server stores messages and allows clients to fetch messages to the local computer when asked for.

It prioritizes efficiency, speed and open standards above other goals. Trojitá also aims to be multi-platform, and functions well on everything from big desktop computers to small cellphones. Trojitá is a stand-alone program, not part of a "personal information manager" suite.

What could make Trojitá interesting for you:

  • Very fast and robust IMAP core
  • Standards compliance is a design goal
  • On-demand message list and body part loading ("lazy loading")
  • Offline IMAP support
  • Support for bandwidth-saving mode aimed at mobile users with expensive connection
  • IMAP over SSH -- instead of going over an SSL socket, the server could be accessed via SSH
  • Safe and robust dealing with HTML mail
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