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Xogando a KGoldrunner

KGoldrunner é un xogo de acción no que o heroe corre a través dun labirinto, sube por escaleiras, cava foxos e esquiva inimigos para recoller todas as moedas de ouro e escapar ao seguinte nivel. Os inimigos tamén van a polo ouro. E aínda peor, van tras de ti!


  • Admite temas.
  • Centos de niveis.
  • Editor de niveis.
  • Dous modos para os inimigos: o clásico e o modo de KGoldrunner; no modo de KGoldrunner son máis intelixentes, no clásico é máis doado enganalos.
  • Niveis moi moi difíciles
  • Control do teclado ou do rato
  • Pódense gardar as partidas.
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How to play

You control a hero who must collect all the gold in the level while avoiding enemies trying to catch him.

Each level has a different maze layout. The mazes use a multi-story platform scheme, with ladders and hand-to-hand bars for climbing. There are usually several ways to travel through the maze.

You can dig holes in the floor and temporarily trap enemies. The hero may safely walk on top of an enemy trapped in a hole. After a while, the floor regenerates. If a hole fills up before an enemy climbs out, he is consumed and then reappears at another place in the maze.

The hero and enemies can fall from any height without being injured, but cannot jump upwards, so it is possible for the hero to become trapped in a pit and then the player must kill the hero. The game starts with five lives and each level completed earns an extra life.

Certain parts of the floor are trapdoors through which the player and enemies will fall and other parts are rocks which cannot be dug. The player finishes a level by collecting all the gold and then travelling to the top of the screen.

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