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Screenshot of liquidshell

liquidshell is an alternative to plasmashell

It does not use QtQuick but instead relies on QtWidgets, therefore no hardware graphics acceleration is needed.

Main Features:

  • Wallpaper per virtual desktop
  • No animations, no CPU hogging, low Memory footprint
  • Instant startup
  • No use of activities
  • QtWidgets based, therefore follows widget style from systemsettings
  • Icons are used from your globally defined icon theme from systemsettings
  • Colors are used from your globally defined color theme from systemsettings
  • Can additionally be styled with css by passing the commandline option -stylesheet filename.css (see included example stylesheet.css)
  • uses existing KDE dialogs for most configurations, e.g. StartMenu, Virtual Desktops, Bluetooth, Network
  • One bottom DesktopPanel
  • Desktop Applets
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1.9 2023-07-25
  • Added install options (sleep/shutdown after install)
  • Improved EULA handling on package installation
  • Added long format of time and date display to calendar popup
  • Create default folder for storing quicklaunch apps
  • SysLoad widget width depends on CPU count
  • Bugfixes and adjustments to newer KDE components
1.8.1 2022-07-26
Bugfixes and adjustments to newer KDE components
1.8 2021-12-01
  • Notifications show how long they remain open (small animation)
  • Weather Applet shows moon phase
  • Disk Usage Applet watches for mount/unmount to react quicker for update
  • Display improvements in software updates component
  • Added DBUS-Menu support (some apps don't provide own menu but only via DBUS, e.g. MS teams)