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Subtitle Composer

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Subtitle Composer is an open source text-based subtitle editor that supports basic and advanced editing operations.


  • Open/Save Text Subtitle Formats - SubRip/SRT, MicroDVD, SSA/ASS, MPlayer, TMPlayer and YouTube captions
  • Open/OCR Graphics Subtitle Formats - VobSub (.idx/.sub/.rar), BluRay/PGS (*.sup), formats supported by ffmpeg (DVD/Vob, DVB, XSUB, HDMV-PGS)
  • Demux Graphics/Text Subtitle Stream from video file - SRT, SSA/ASS, MOV text, MicroDVD, DVD/Vob, DVB, XSUB, HDMV-PGS
  • Speech recognition from audio/video file using PocketSphinx
  • Smart language/text encoding** detection
  • Live preview of subtitles in integrated video player w/ audio stream selection
  • Preview/editing of subtitles on graphical audio waveform w/ audio stream selection
  • Sync by dragging several anchors/graftpoints and stretching timeline
  • Time shifting and scaling, lines duration re-calculation, framerate conversion, etc.
  • Joining and splitting of subtitle files
  • Side by side subtitle translations
  • Text styles (italic, bold, underline, stroke, color)
  • Spell checking
  • Detection of timing errors in subtitles
  • Scripting (JavaScript, Python, Ruby and other languages supported by Kross).
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0.7.1 2021-07-28
  • Fixed script edititing on AppImage
  • Fixed AppImage/Windows builds, themes and look
  • Fixed theme/icons/look outside KDE environment
  • Fixed opening files on windows
  • Fixed various bugs and rare crashes
  • Fixed Undo stack and improved text editing undo
  • Improved/replaced Video player(s) (performance, Wayland support, OpenGL/FFmpeg)
  • Improved Waveform performance
  • Improved LinesWidget/Model performance
  • Improved Wayland support
  • Improved open/save file dialogs to use native dialogs
  • Improved text charsets/encodings/end-of-line selection, detection and handling
  • Improved VobSub support
  • Improved inline editor to support text styles
  • Improved subtitle style rendering
  • Improved character/sec support and added coloring
  • Improvide command line - ability to open all subtitle/media files
  • Added Pause/Duration columns to list view
  • Removed invalid subpicture/x-pgs mime
  • Updated/added many translations - thanks to KDE community
AppImage - x86_64 (60.08 MB)
sha256: ac124b356a008ff8358b0540d8aa7be068cd9df60b55a8bcdfed8a6c48d28dae
- (64.52 MB)
sha256: 2c2415cd69cd6074056446d8ac3f433faf3c6bed0e02a536d65df98e01ae4201
- (35.35 MB)
sha256: e4e200dc3a6687b1593f98355694b74676d65f458180461a3ebc16e505a0f247
sha256: ef9cb3c0c1fe1f40cf9d8e795859b9b28adf2da3be77a076d46bc28df4cd0255
0.7.0 2019-06-27
  • Fixed parsing of absolute paths containing '#' character
  • Fixed open dialogs not showing all supported files
  • Fixed subtitle text not respecting system font configuration
  • Fixed waveform not rendering correctly/completely on some formats
  • Fixed waveform displaying subtitles at wrong times
  • Fixed waveform not working with some
  • Fixes to MPV, GStreamer and Xine video player backends
  • Waveform scrolling is configurable
  • PocketSphinx language models and VAD are configurable
  • Added show status bar action to main window popup menu
  • Improved (scripting) performance
  • Spell checker will use translation text when it is selected
  • Waveform and video docks can be hidden
  • Split lines won't split text on spaces while there are multiple lines
  • Subtitle lines will always stay sorted by their time
  • Improved fullscreen video player
  • Added ability to step by frame
  • Added play rate controls to video menu
  • Updated Croatian translation - thanks @muzena
  • Updated Italian translation - thanks Luigi Toscano @tosky
  • Updated Russian translation - thanks Nick Shaforostoff @shaforostoff
0.6.6 2018-02-11
  • Fixed open video dialog filters
  • Fixed "Insert Line" on waveform adding at the wrong index - thanks @qsniyg
  • Added MMB seeking on waveform - thanks @qsniyg
  • Fixed some compilation issues
  • Updated translations - thanks @gogogogi, @muzena
  • Fixed vobsub when opening from video file and symbol cache filename
  • Fixed subtitle loading times of huge files
  • Improved vobsub text detection
  • Fixed ASS rich text parsing on import subtitle stream action
  • Replaced buggy mplayer vobsub import code with ffmpeg
  • Fixed memory leaks/usage of WaveformWidget's scroll animation
  • Optimized import subtitle stream from video action
  • Replaced gstreamer with ffmpeg libraries in application core usage
  • Added abort button to speech recognition
  • Waveform smooth scrolling
  • Added join/split lines actions to waveform context menu
  • Fixed some crashes, memory leaks and overall code cleanups
  • Cleaned up settings widget and texts
0.6.5 2017-09-18
  • ADD: Added support for binary subtitle formats
  • ADD: fine control video playback speed
  • ADD: controls for video playback speed
  • MOD: GStreamer backend audio improvements.
  • MOD: Moved open video actions under File menu
  • MOD: More tolerant parsing of SubRip subtitles
  • MOD: Improved split lines command
  • MOD: Updated Czech translation - thanks @goliashcz
  • MOD: Updated Croatian translations - thanks @muzena
  • FIX: Waveform widget dragging and speed improvements, fixed buffer overflow
  • FIX: WaveformWidget: zoom out wasn't working on movies without audio
  • FIX: Fixed cases where subtitle hide time would end up before show time
  • FIX: Improved context menus
  • FIX: Fixed moving of anchored lines
  • FIX: Open subtitle wouldn't autoload video in some cases
  • FIX: Open video now includes .divx and .webm extensions
  • FIX: Tools menu scripts are filtered based on installed kross interpreters
  • FIX: Moved custom icons to more standard location, using QIcon::fromTheme()
  • FIX: Error Check > Absolute Duration config fields were changing incorrect values
  • FIX: MPV Backend: fixed deprecated options, updated vo devices - thanks @luzfcb
  • FIX: better rendering on high DPI screens
  • FIX: MPV Backend: framerate/video length wasn't reported to subtitle composer anymore
  • FIX: detection/handling of current playing line
  • FIX: Parsing text containing <font> without color attribute
  • FIX: compilation without xine - thanks @pinotree
  • FIX: ASS parsing - thanks @Martchus
0.6.4 2016-05-07
0.6.3 2016-04-03
0.6.2 2016-03-25
0.6.1 2016-03-15
0.6.0 2016-03-15
0.5.9 2016-02-08
0.5.8 2016-02-07
0.5.7 2014-09-26
0.5.6 2013-11-25
0.5.5 2013-10-09
0.5.4 2013-06-10
0.5.3 2009-05-25
0.5.2 2008-11-12
0.5.1 2008-09-04
0.5.0 2008-07-10
0.4.3 2008-09-04
0.4.2 2008-07-10
0.4.1 2008-04-22
0.4.0 2008-04-11
0.3 2008-01-08
0.2.1 2007-12-16
0.2 2007-12-16
0.1 2007-11-15