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Calindori sur Mobile
Calindori sur scriptorio

Calindori es un application de calendatio amicale de tocco. Illo ha essite designate per dispositivos mobile ma anque pote executar sur ambientes de scriptorio. Usators de Calindori es capace de verificar datas previe e future e gerer cargas e eventos.

Quando executa le application per le prime vice, un nove file de calendario es create que seque le standard ical. Alternativemente, usatores pote crear calendarios additional o importar los que existe.


  • Agenda
  • Eventos
  • Cosas de facer
  • Calendarios multiple
  • Importa calendario


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1.4.0 2021-03-01

New features, improvements and fixes

  • Show progress of month swipes
  • Improve calendar month performance
  • Directly open calendar files
  • Show import notifications in the app footer
  • Fix inline message display on desktop
  • Introduce the import-calendar-data action
  • Fix scheduling of repeating events
  • Fix time picker display
  • Add attendees support to events
  • Refactor event and task editor pages
  • Prevent accidental task or event deletion
  • Offer attendee role editing
  • Solve string puzzles
  • Add a proper generic name for the application
  • Offer export functionality
  • Offer import on specific calendars
1.3.0 2020-11-21

New features, improvements and fixes

  • When running on Plasma, use the Solid wake-up features
  • Fix the positioning of the delete confirmation dialog
  • Conditionally hide completed tasks in the All Tasks view
  • Support external calendar files that can be updated by another application
  • Fix display of repeating events on day and month views
  • On the calendar month view, show all-day tasks into the day that they are part of
  • Show multi day events properly on day and week views
1.2 2020-09-11

Several fixes and new features

  • Calendar import issue on desktop has been fixed
  • Mobile-desktop convergence improvements
  • Start date, due and alarm functionality added to tasks
  • When creating a new event, a reminder is automatically added
  • Week and day views have been created