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Fenestra principal de KMail con un lista de dossieres de e-posta e messages de posta.
Email Composer (Compositor de e-posta) con un tradictor incorporate

Kmail es un cliente de e-posta al stato del arte que ben integra fornitores de eposta largemente usate coo GMail. Il forni multe instrumentos e characteristicas per maximisar tu prodictivitate e face laborar con grande contos de e-posta facile e rapide. Kmail supporta un grande varietate de protocollos de e-posta - POP, IMAP, Microsoft Exchange (EWS) e altere.


  • Secure - KMail ha preferentias predefinite de securitate per proteger tu privacitate, supporto de cryptation fin-a-fin e discoperta de spam.
  • Potente - Characteristicas include suporto foras de linea, multiple identitate del mittente (expeditor), supporto multi-lingual, filtrar potente, functionalitate de cerca e marcar, gestion le lista de e-posta e configuration ulte flexibile.
  • Integrate - Invitation de reunion pote esser facilmente addite como eventos in KOrganier, completamento automadic de adresse, avatars e preferentias crypto es cargate ex KAddressBook.
  • Compatibile con Standard - Supporta protocollos de posta standard, push email, filtrar de latere servitor e insertate (inline) OpenPGP,PGP/MIME e S/MIME.
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6.1.0 2024-05-23
6.0.2 2024-04-11
6.0.1 2024-03-21
6.0.0 2024-02-28

The KMail email viewer removes ads and tracking code from your emails using a more powerful ad blocker written in Rust. The email composer now directly shows the validity and the trust level of the OpenPGP keys of your recipients and warns you when one of their keys is almost expired or expired.

In addition of a variety of pre-existing online services, KMail now supports a few offline and open source AI features. Translations can be configured to use the Bergamot translation model, also used by Firefox. It can also use the vosk-api engine to convert speech to text.

Note that by default, all these AI features are disabled and you need to explicitly enable them in the KMail settings.

5.24.5 2024-02-15