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Categorias:   Multimedia
Screenshot of KMPlayer

KMPlayer e un simple interfacie per MPlayer/FFMpeg/Phonon.

Alcun characteristicas:

  • reproduce films DVD/VCD (ab file o url e ab un dispositivo video)
  • incorpora intra konqueror (film es reproducite intra konqueror)
  • incorpora intra khtml (reproduction de film intra un pagina html)
  • Registrar film usante memcoder (parte del pacchetto mplayer)
  • Nulle video durante registration, ma tu sempre pote aperir un nove fenestra e reproducer lo)
  • Diffunder (broadcasting), streaming http, usante ffserver/ffmpeg
  • Per fontes TV, tu necessita v4lctl (parte del pacchetto xawtv)
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