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Visualisation basice de datos
Visualisation basice de datos
Dispositionar avantiate de tracias (plots) e imagines
Facer Themas
Visualisation de functiones mathematic
Adapta modellos predefinite o personalisat al datos
Lisia le datos con le adjuta de varie metodos de lisiar
Interfacie de Notebook per sessiones interactive in Maxima, Octave, R, Sage, Scilab, Python, Julia, etc.
Analyse de signal
Diagramma de Herzsprung-Russel  in LabPlot
Visualisation de datos calculate in unsession interactide de Maxima

LabPlot es un software LIBERE e gratuite, a fonte aperite e inter-platteforma per Visualisation e Analyse de datos accessibile a omnes.

Labplot forni un modo facile per crear, gerer e modificar tracias (plots). Illo te permitte producer tracias basate sur datos ab un folio electronic o sur datos importate ex files externe. Tracias pote esser exportate a multe formatos de pixmap e vector graphic.

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2.10.1 2023-07-11
2.10.0 2023-03-21
2.9.0 2022-05-03
2.8.2 2021-04-01
2.8.1 2020-11-13
2.8.0 2020-09-16

Nightly installers

LabPlot nightly installers are also available to download from the KDE CDN. These versions are intended for testing purpose. Get involved and help us make them better!

Unstable version.

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