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Phonebook (Rubrica de Telephono)

Categorias:   Officio
Vista de insimul de contacto

Application de gestion de contacto convergente per ambes scriptorio e dispositivos mobile.

Il forni un placia central per initiar conversationes. In dependentia del information disponibile re un contacto, le respective actiones es monstrate.


  • Adde contactos
  • Remove contactos
  • Imprta files de vCard
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23.01 2023-01-30
22.11 2022-11-30
22.09 2022-09-27
22.06 2022-06-24
22.04 2022-04-26
22.02 2022-02-09
21.12 2021-12-07
  • Make app remember state on desktop
  • Do not highlight first contact in list when opening
  • Add missing input method hints for contact entries
21.08 2021-08-31
21.07 2021-07-20
  • Internal improvements
21.06 2021-06-10
  • Re-add support for calling/texting multiple numbers
  • Remove call action from contacts list
  • Consistently use Phonebook instead of Phone Book
  • Scrolling performance improvements