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Halaman Kalkulator
Kalk adalah kalkulator yang konvergen untuk Plasma.
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Tombol ini hanya bekerja dengan Discover dan toko aplikasi AppStream lainnya. Anda juga dapat menggunakan pengelola paket distribusi Anda.

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22.09 2022-09-27
22.06 2022-06-24
  • Show decimal separator according to locale
  • Fix bug preventing input of comma
22.04 2022-04-26
  • General bugfixing and code quality improvements
22.02 2022-02-09
  • Rearrange trigonometric functions to be together
  • Various user-interface improvements
21.12 2021-12-07
  • Rework sidebar design
21.08 2021-08-31
21.07 2021-07-20
21.06 2021-06-10


  • Updated the application icon
  • Added support for parentheses keyboard input
  • Fixed the calculator drawer opening when the application opens
  • Changed backspace icon to use a proper system icon instead of a font provided one
  • Added keyboard support to unit converter
  • Fixed page change animation for binary calculator
  • Enabled qml debugging when compiled in debug mode
  • Added ability to recognize the decimal separator in other locales
21.05 2021-05-10