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KDevelop adalah sebuah IDE (integrated development environment) lingkungan pengembangan terintegrasi yang Gratis dan Bebas Terbuka.

Ini menyediakan fitur pengeditan, navigasi dan debugging untuk beberapa bahasa pemrograman, serta integrasi dengan sistem build multipel dan sistem kontrol versi, menggunakan arsitektur berbasis plugin.

KDevelop memiliki pengurai backend untuk C, C++ dan Javascript/QML, dengan mendukung plugin eksternal lebih lanjut misal PHP atau Python.


Install on Linux This button only works with Discover and other AppStream application stores. You can also use your distribution’s package manager.

KDevelop Windows installers are also available to download from the binary-factory. These versions don’t contains the translations and are intended for testing purpose. Get involved and help us making them better!

  • Stable version. Generated from the latest version of the stable branch. Contains the latest bugfixes.

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5.6.2 2021-02-01
5.6.1 2020-12-08
5.6.0 2020-09-07 This release brings half a year of work, focused mainly on stability, performance, and future maintainability. Many existing features have received small improvements again, and there is one highly-visible addition: optional display of inline notes for problems at the end of the line.

AppImage - x86_64 (130.23 mb)

sha256: ef40329b0442904b46139c71129ba63c785555cb704c8462aac621a6d8c6b014


sha256: 38adc7d4c4cf2f0fb4191650001e979b5e1b5a3476db28737020baf2fb56f532
5.5.2 2020-06-02
5.5.1 2020-05-05
5.5.0 2020-02-02
5.4.6 2020-01-06