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Kdenlive is a non linear video editor. It is based on the MLT framework and accepts many audio and video formats, allows you to add effects, transitions and render into the format of your choice.


  • Intuitive multitrack interface.
  • Many effects and transitions.
  • Color scopes
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22.08.3 2022-11-03
22.08.2 2022-10-13
22.08.1 2022-09-08
22.08.0 2022-08-18

The 22.08 release brings exciting new features, many improvements and of course a bunch of fixes for a smooth editing experience. Check it out!

Some highlights:

  • Improved audio recording: countdown timer, ability to control the input level, live waveform while recording.
  • Global subtitle styling: adjust font, color, size, position etc.
  • Importing of .vtt (Web Video Text Tracks) and .sbv (YouTube) subtitle files.
  • Export guides as chapters for YouTube, etc.
  • Integration with Glaxnimate vector graphics animation program.
  • Added support of LOTTIE and RAWR animations and AVIF, HEIF, HEIC and JPEG XL image formats.