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Timeline view
Boarding pass view
Train layout view highlighting the coach with a seat reservation
Train station platform map, highlighting arrival and departure platforms
Train station map showing real-time availability of rental bikes
Detailed information for the select entity on the train station map
Travel statistics view

KDE Itinerary is a digital travel assistant with a priority on protecting your privacy.


  • Timeline view of a unified travel itinerary with automatic trip grouping.
  • Supports train, bus and flight bookings as well as hotel, restaurant, event and rental car reservations.
  • Boarding pass management.
  • Supports ticket management for multi-traveler and multi-ticket bookings.
  • Automatic booking data extraction from various input formats, performed locally on your device.
  • Real-time delay and platform change information for trains.
  • Weather forecast for destination along your trip.
  • Full control over all online access.
  • Selection of alternative train connections on unbound tickets or on missed connections.
  • Local ground transportation navigation between elements of your itinerary.
  • Train coach layout view (for some operators only).
  • Train station and airport per-floor maps based on OpenStreetMap data.
  • Available dock-based or free-floating rental bikes can be displayed on the train station map.
  • Personal travel statistics to monitor environmental impact.

KDE Itinerary works best alongside KMail's itinerary extraction plug-in and KDE Connect, or Nextcloud Hub and DavDroid.

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24.05.2 2024-07-04
  • New of improved travel document extractors for 12go, Eurowings, hotels.com, Iberia, Georgian Railway, RegioJet, Snälltåget, TCDD and tobilet.pl.
  • Fix reading/writing of all-day events to/from the Android system calendar.
  • Fix permission issues when exporting to the Android calendar.
  • Fix rendering of Apples Wallet passes without a barcode.
24.05.1 2024-06-13
  • New or improved travel document extractors for Air Asia, Amadeus, Deutsche Bahn, Eurostar, Flixbus, Trenitalia.
  • Fixed storing the arrival time when editing a ferry reservation.
  • Fixed notifications on Android.
  • Improved automatic trip grouping.
  • Fixed emojis not showing up in Flatpaks.
24.05.0 2024-05-23
  • New or improved travel document extractors for CFR, Eurostar, Indico, IRCTC, Lufthansa, Motel One, SNCB, SNCF, Ticketportal, Trenitalia and VDV eTickets. Added support for public transport data from Serbijavoz and Transitous.
  • Show more detailed train coach or vehicle feature information.
  • Show per-coach occupancy information when available.
  • Allow to manually add ticket barcodes to existing reservations.
  • Show DST transition information in the timeline.
24.02.2 2024-04-11
  • New or improved travel document extractors for Amsbus.cz, Eurostar, Finnair, Moongate, UK national railway and VR.
  • Fix displaying public transport departure disruptions.
  • Fix Apple Wallet pass rendering issues.
24.02.1 2024-03-21
  • New or improved travel document extractors for Deutsche Bahn, Eckerö Line, European Sleeper, Eventim, Flibco, Leo Express, National Express, ÖBB, osmcal.org, Salzbergwerk, SNCF and ti.to.
  • Filter implausible geo coder results on address editing.
  • Fix overlap between floating map button and arrival details on the journey details page.
  • Improve Deutsche Bahn realtime information when facing cancelled or replacement trains.
  • Improve train coach type detection in the coach layout view.
24.02.0 2024-02-28

We improved the usability of Itinerary on phones by making common actions available on a bottom navigation bar which makes it easy to switch to your passes and your current trip.

The main timeline was redesigned and now entries can be expanded inline to show the intermediate stops and ongoing delays and disruptions. Speaking of events, it is now possible to manually add and edit entries and to share entire trips or single reservations to your phone via KDE Connect.

The indoor map in Itinerary now lists all amenities in the building or area you are currently looking at. This helps with things like finding a place to grab a coffee in a big train station, or searching for a place to get food in the vicinity of your hotel. This feature is powered by OpenStreetMap, works without the need to connect to the internet and no search terms ever leave your device.

When viewing a trip details, in addition to being able to consult the list of stops, it can look at a map of the trip.

23.08.5 2024-02-15
23.08.4 2023-12-07
  • New or improved travel document extractors for 12go, Eurostar, Flixbus, Motel One, SAS and Thalys.
  • Improved support for European FCB railway ticket barcodes.
  • Support for Eurostar onboard API.
23.08.3 2023-11-09
  • Fix handling of canceled intermediate stops on board of DB ICEs.
  • New or improved travel document extractors for booking.com, DB, European Sleeper, Iberia, PKP, Pretix, Qatar Airways.
  • Fix parsing certain invalid Apple Wallet message catalogs.
  • Remove unnecessary PDF fonts to reduce the APK size.
23.08.2 2023-10-12
  • Allow to enable notifications on Android 13.
  • New or improved travel document extractors for Aegean, Amadeus, bookingkit, GWR, Pretix, Renfe, ÖBB and UK railway tickets.
  • Render more amenity details on the train station map.
23.08.1 2023-09-14
  • New or improved travel document extractors for Aer Lingus, Amtrak, British Airways, Deutsche Bahn, GVH, premiumkino, Slovak Lines and ZSSK.
  • Fix editing bus and train elements without an associated ticket.
  • Fix unnecessarily broad permissions on Android.
  • Fix rendering of Apple Wallet generic pass thumbnail images.
  • Fix progress display on the initial journey stopover in the live status view.
  • Display luggage lockers, lost & found offices and ariport baggage claim belts on the indoor map.
23.08.0 2023-08-24
  • Preferred transport modes can now selected for all public transport searches.
  • Public transport line logos are now also available for some regional and long distance rail services.
  • Added support for railway coach layouts for more types of trains.
  • Added support for importing Deutsche Bahn and SNCF online tickets.
  • Added location sharing via Matrix.
  • Consider coach layout and seat reservation data to highlight the departure/arrival spot on a platform.
  • New look for the timeline entries and the editing pages.
  • New or improved onboard API support for Aegean Air, Deutsche Bahn and ÖBB.
  • New or improved travel document extractors for Aegean Air, Aer Lingus, Air Asia, Air France, Atlatos, Bäder Suite, BlaBlaCar, bookingkit, CD, Cinemaxx, Cooltix, DSB, Eventbrite, FerriesInGreece, Grimaldi Lines, Iberia, KLM, Koleje Malopolskie, KTEL Thesprotias, Lufthansa, Ouigo Spain, PKP, UK railways, SAS, SBB, Slovak Lines, SNCB, spiritec, Spring Airlines, Sunny Cars, Thalys, Trenitalia, York Kino and ZSSK.
  • Added support for importing ActivityPub events.
  • Added support for editing many more reservation and ticket details.
  • Documents can now be attached to all tickets and reservations, and are automatically attached in more cases.
  • New hotel, event and restaurant reservation can be created by adding a URL to their schema.org annotated website.
  • Added support for extracting travel data in Apple iCal events.
  • Improved notifications in case of Apple Wallet pass updates.
  • Improved display of ticket validity times in the passes and programs view.
  • Improved display of public transport cancellations and long disruption notes.
  • Fixed searching for international railway connections sometimes not finding any result.
  • Fixed weather icons sometimes wrongly using the night variants during the day.
  • Fixed too rapid realtime data update queries in case of network errors.
  • Fixed exported events not being editable by other calendaring apps on Android.
23.04.3 2023-07-06
  • New or improved travel document extractors for Color Line, DJH, Fjord Line, Flixbus, Grimladi Lines, onepagebooking, SNCB, Thalys and Trenitalia.
  • Fixed a crash on Android when importing a file with a space in its path.
  • Fixed public transport queries for VRS.
  • Fixed missing transport mode information for some OpenTripPlanner results.
  • Filter implausible walking paths from public transport routers.
  • Fixed importing boat or ferry reservations from the calendar.
  • Fixed an infinite loop when computing indoor map arguments.
23.04.2 2023-06-08
  • Fixed automatic transfer selection producing nonsense when geo coordinates are missing.
  • Fixed showing of attached Appled Wallet passes for trains, hotels, busses and car rental reservations.
  • Fixed a potential deadlock on updating currency conversion rates.
  • Fixed attaching documents to multi-traveler reservations.
  • Improved scrolling speed of the timeline view.
  • New or improved travel document extractors for European Sleeper, IndiGo, PKP, Qatar Airways, SBB, SNCB, Thalys as well as for Latvian and Lithuanian railway tickets.
  • New generic ERA FCB ticket barcode extractor.
  • Improved extractor for restaurant data in websites.
  • Fixed merging of public transport disruption notes from different sources.
23.04.1 2023-05-11
  • Improved travel document extractors for Air Asia, ATPI, B&B Hotels, Best Western, CD, FlixBus, Gepard Express, Grimaldi Lines, MAV, SNCB and Vueling.
  • Support importing various variants of the Deutschlandticket.
  • Fixed rendering of MAV ticket barcodes.
  • Fixed public transport queries in the Czech Republic and the UK.
  • Fixed imported PDFs losing their file name on Android.
  • Improved Apple Wallet boarding pass layout for overflowing labels.
  • Improved handling of canceled elements in the timeline.
  • Improved rendering of barrier elements in the train station map.
23.04.0 2023-04-20
  • New or improved travel document extractors for Aegean Air, Amadeus, availpro, BlaBlaCar, Deutsche Bahn, Kinoheld, Meetup, National Express, ÖBB, Octorate, Ouigo, Premier Inn, SNCF, Taiwan Highspeed Rail and whyline.
  • Support for Eurostar, SBB and UK railway ticket barcodes.
  • New live status page using onboard vehicle API.
  • New UI for reservation details pages.
  • Faster loading of train station and airport maps.
  • Improved display of doors, trees, barrier blocks, platform section markers and accessibility information on train station maps.
  • Allow to enable LED light for barcode scanning.
  • Fix wrong public transport service being used in France.
  • Fix public transport data access in Switzerland.
  • Fix handling of pasted URLs.
22.12.3 2023-03-02
  • Improved data extraction for Flixbus and UK railway tickets.
  • Fixed eliding of stop names in the journey view.
  • Fixed missing timezone display for times in UTC.
  • Fixed train station map stacking order for layered building parts.
22.12.2 2023-02-02
  • Improved data extraction for booking.com, Deutsche Bahn, Indico, MÁV, onepagebooking and Pretix.
  • Improved merging of separate train ticket and seat reservation data.
  • Fixed rendering of certain Apple Wallet event tickets.
  • Fixed importing multiple generic Apple Wallet passes.
22.12.1 2023-01-05
  • Support importing of Mobilizon events.
  • Improved travel data extraction for Eventim, MÁV, NH Hotels, Trenitalia.
  • Fix display of floating rental vehicles.
  • Fix rendering of Apple Wallet event passes with background images.
  • Improve map gesture interaction on favorite location picker.
  • Fix interaction with near-horizontal or near-vertical stairs on the train station map.
  • Fix handling of always closed opening hours.
22.12.0 2022-12-08
  • Support for boat/ferry reservations.
  • Support for ICAO VDS vaccination certificates.
  • Improved floor level switching for staircases in station/airport maps.
  • Stacking order and hit detection fixes for the station/airport maps.
  • Fix driving side informations for people living in left-driving countries.
  • Fix date/time input for manual train/bus journey searches.
  • Fix Railjet trains having no coach layout inside Germany.
  • Support for ERA FCB ticket barcodes.
  • Various travel document extractor additions and improvements.
22.08.3 2022-11-03
  • New travel data extractor for Italo train tickets.
22.08.2 2022-10-13
  • Improved travel data extraction for Airbnb, Amadeus, BlaBlaCar, Eventim, Ryanair, SNCF, Thalys, Vueling.
  • Handle transliteration when comparing traveler names.
  • Fix trip grouping when connecting journey is part of a different reservation.
  • Fix selecting the right Apple Wallet event ticket for multi-attendee events.
  • Fix rendering of Apple Wallet event tickets.
22.08.1 2022-09-08
  • Improve size and positioning of map overlays.
  • Improved travel data extractors for Amtrak, Flixbus and Vistara.
  • Improved airport terminal and gate detection.
22.08.0 2022-08-18
  • Improved calendar import, allowing more fine-grained selection and supporting Linux too.
  • Support for exporting reservations to the calendar.
  • Support for passes and program cards that aren't tied to a specific trip, such as flat-rate or time interval tickets or discount program memberships.
  • Support for adding train and bus trips from online journey searches.
  • Integrated barcode scanner.
22.04.3 2022-07-07
  • Fix monorail platforms being misdetected as regular railway.
22.04.2 2022-06-09
  • Improved travel data extraction for Thalys, UK national rail, Eurowings and Eventbrite.
  • Fixed train load information parsing for German public transport operators.
22.04.1 2022-05-12
  • Fix the wrong country being displayed in formatted addresses.
  • Display all supported barcode types in Apple Wallet passes.
  • Improved travel document extractors for booking.com, Eurowings, onepagebooking.com and SNCF.
22.04.0 2022-04-21
  • Support for overnight train coaches in the train coach layout view.
  • Show currencies and optionally current conversion rates when entering a different country.
  • Allow to add train trips from an online journey query to the timeline.
  • New or improved extractors for Renfe, SNCF, ÖBB, Spring Airlines, Peach Aviation.
  • Highlight severe weather conditions in the weather forecast.
  • Show public holidays in the timeline.
  • Fixed high DPI scaling issues in the train coach view.
  • Support for Amtrak and IATA train station identifiers.
  • Support for importing Danish COVID certificates.
  • Follow system settings on Linux for which external map application to use.
  • Add jump list action to directly open the current ticket.
  • Fixed geometry reassembly issues in the train station map.
21.12.3 2022-03-03
  • Add travel data extraction from Air France ticket PDF documents.
  • Fix locale-aware formatting of numbers.
21.12.2 2022-02-03
  • Fix trip grouping producing wrong results in densely populated areas.
  • Improve vector barcode detection in PDF documents.
21.12.1 2022-01-06
  • Fix station map positioning for elements without live data.
  • Improved travel document extraction for Amtrak and VIA Rail.
  • Support for alternative Hafas platform formats.
  • Improved opening hours evaluation in the station maps.
21.12.0 2021-12-09
  • New health certificate user interface.
  • New navigation maneuver details page for individual transport or walking journey sections.
  • Smarter transfer auto-selection.
  • Live disruption information and journey details for bus trips.
  • Ability to shorten train and bus trips.
  • Additional individual transport modes for transfers.
  • Improved platform identification for trams and subways.
  • Easier accessible barcode scan mode, and support for PDF417 ticket barcodes.
  • Improved data import feedback.
  • Fixed pinch zoom on station maps.
  • Improved Apple Wallet pass rendering.
  • Warn about rental vehicles with limited remaining range.
  • Numerous improvements to travel document data extraction.
21.08.3 2021-11-04
  • Fix icon size issues on high DPI screens.
  • Fix map panning leaving the favorite location selector page.
  • Fix determining departure country for location changes.
  • Fix erroneous merging of train trips with the same line on the same day.
  • Fix parsing of OTP rental vehicle information.
  • Apply timezone information correctly to flight reservations with incomplete time information.
  • Improved data extraction for various providers.
21.08.2 2021-10-07
  • Add support for SMART Health Card (SHC) vaccination certificates.
  • Don't trigger the connection warning when there is no previous arrival time.
  • Show correct number of attached documents for multi-traveller trips.
  • Show escalators to/from intermediate floor levels correctly in the indoor map.
  • Fix rendering of Apple Wallet pass rich-text back fields.
  • Improved data extraction for SNCF, Accor, Feratel and onepagebooking.
21.08.1 2021-09-02
  • Properly import mail attachments shared from FairEmail.
  • Improvements for importing data from Airdo, MÁV, Regionado, Ryanair and SNCF.
21.08.0 2021-08-12
  • Health certificate manager for DIVOC and EU DGC vaccination, test and recovery certificates.
  • GPX import and export of favorite locations and GPX export of trips for Nextcloud Maps interoperability.
  • Support for local German public transport operators INVG, RSAG, VRT and VSN.
  • Improved travel document extractor.
  • Various fixes to the page flow.
  • Entire trip groups can now be deleted.