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Knights, chess game
Main Window - Human vs. Chess Engine
Main Window - Chess Engine vs. Chess Engine
"New Game" Dialog
Auto-Detection of Chess Engines
Playing online - FICS Console
Playing online - graphical Seek-Graph

KNights is a chess game. As a player, your goal is to defeat your opponent by checkmating their king.


  • Local play between two players on the same computer
  • Play against any computer program that supports the XBoard protocol
  • Play on the Free Internet Chess Server (FICS)
  • Watching two computer engines play against each other
  • Support for legal move checking
  • Markers for possible moves, opponent’s last move and sources of check
  • Board borders and site notations
  • Complete time control, with Plasma-styled clocks
  • Several themes, with the possibility of downloading new ones from within the program
  • Animated moves (configurable)
  • Views for playing on a chess server, including a seek graph, text console, and chat widget
  • Option to undo and redo moves
  • Graphic interface for making and receiving offers from remote players
  • Support for the UCI protocol (used by Stockfish, Chessbase, and many others)
  • Support for saving and loading Portable game notation (PGN) files
  • Use of Jovie, the KDE text-to-speak program, to speak opponent’s moves
  • Ability to control the program via a D-Bus interface
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