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Konversation is a user-friendly Internet Relay Chat (IRC) client by KDE. It provides easy access to standard IRC networks such as Libera, where the KDE IRC channels can be found.


  • Standard IRC features
  • SSL server support
  • Bookmarking support
  • Easy to use graphical user interface
  • Multiple servers and channels in one single window
  • DCC file transfer
  • Multiple identities for different servers
  • Text decorations and colors
  • OnScreen Display for notifications
  • Automatic UTF-8 detection
  • Per channel encoding support
  • Theme support for nick icons
  • Highly configurable
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1.10.24052 2024-07-04
1.10.24051 2024-06-13
1.10.24050 2024-05-23
1.10.24022 2024-04-11
1.10.24021 2024-03-21
1.10.24020 2024-02-28
1.9.23085 2024-02-15

Nightly installers

Konversation nightly installers are also available to download from the KDE CDN. These versions are intended for testing purpose. Get involved and help us make them better!

Unstable version.

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