Playing KGoldrunner

KGoldrunner is an action game where the hero runs through a maze, climbs stairs, dig holes and dodges enemies in order to collect all the gold nuggets and escape to the next level. Your enemies are also after the gold. Worse still, they are after you!.


  • Themeable
  • Hundreds of levels
  • Level-editor
  • Two modes for the enemies: classical and KGoldrunner-mode, in KGoldrunner-mode they are more intelligent, in the classical mode it is easier to fool them
  • Very very difficult levels
  • Keyboard or mouse control
  • Savable games


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20.12.1 7 de janeiro de 2021
20.12.0 10 de dezembro de 2020
20.08.3 5 de novembro de 2020
20.08.2 8 de outubro de 2020
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