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Playing KNetWalk
KNetWalk is a single player logic game. Construct the network, connecting all the terminals to the server in the fewest turns possible.
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How to play

The player is presented with a rectangular grid containing a server, several terminals (clients), and pieces of wire. The object of the game is to rotate these elements until every client is connected to the server, and no wires are left unconnected. Optionally, you can try to get a high score by minimizing the number of rotations needed.

Left clicking on a square rotates it counterclockwise, while right clicking rotates it clockwise. Middle clicking on a square marks it as blocked and prevents it from being rotated unless it gets unblocked by another middle click; this can be very useful for marking squares which are known to be in the correct orientation. The status bar displays the number of clicks so far.

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3.3.24052 2024-07-04
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3.3.24050 2024-05-23
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