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Screenshot of Kontact
KMail, the email component of Kontact
Organize your time, manage events, create todos or schedule meetings with KOrganizer
KAddressBook provides an easy way to manage your contacts
Stay on top of the new with Akregator, our news reader

Handle your email, calendar, contacts and other personal data with Kontact. Kontact groups everything together in one place and helps you manage your communications, organize your day and work with your colleagues.

Kontact unifies several personal information management applications into a single window to give you the best possible experience and boost your productivity. With Kontact you can use all the tools of our powerful suite in one place. Unlike proprietary web applications we value your privacy and support open standards, which is why Kontact gives you full control over your data. You can of course also access your data offline if you want to.

Kontact consists of several well-integrated components:

  • KMail - a powerful and feature-rich email client with support for a wide range of email providers.
  • KOrganizer - a calendar and scheduling component of Kontact which is able to work with NextCloud, Kolab, Google Calendar and other calendaring services.
  • KAddressBook - an easy to use contact management tool that can synchronize contacts with many popular services.
  • Akregator - a news reader with powerful search and archiving functionality.
  • KNotes - a simple program that lets you write the computer equivalent of sticky notes.
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6.1.2 2024-07-04
6.1.1 2024-06-13
6.1.0 2024-05-23
6.0.2 2024-04-11
6.0.1 2024-03-21
6.0.0 2024-02-28
5.24.5 2024-02-15