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KAlarm configuration window with a testing message alarm

KAlarm is a personal alarm message, command and email scheduler application by KDE


  • Display alarms using your own text message, the text generated by a command, or a text or image file.
  • Audible alarm using a sound file
  • Recurring alarm on an hours/minutes, daily, weekly, monthly or annual basis, or set it to trigger every time you log in.
  • Display alarms color and font customization
  • Support for multiple alarm calendars, which for example enables you to share alarms between a laptop and desktop computer.
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3.8.2 2024-07-04

Release description

  • Fix crash after editing new alarm if spell checking is enabled. 2024-06-13 2024-05-23
3.8.1 2024-04-11

Release description

  • Display error message if error occurs trying to play an audio file.
3.8.0 2024-03-21

Release description

  • Use libcanberra instead of Phonon to play sounds, for thread safety.
  • In Edit Alarm dialog, allow save if Set Volume checkbox is toggled.
3.7.0 2024-02-28

Release description

  • Convert to Qt6 / KDE Frameworks 6.
  • Enable wake-from-suspend for multiple alarms if user kernel alarm timers are supported (Linux only).
  • Set units for reminder and late-cancel depending on date-only selection in Edit Alarm Template dialog.
  • Remove migration of pre-Akonadi KResources calendar configuration.
3.6.4 2024-02-15