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Skärmbild av Filelight

Filelight is an application to visualize the disk usage on your computer by showing folders using an easy-to-understand view of concentric rings. Filelight makes it simple to free up space!


  • Scan local, remote, or removable disks
  • View detailed information about files and folders
  • Delete files or folders that are taking up too much space
  • Integration into the Dolphin, Konqueror, and Krusader file managers
  • Configurable color schemes
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Knappen fungerar bara med Discover och andra AppStream programbutiker. Du kan också använda distributionens pakethanterare.
Hämta det från Microsoft

Filelight Windows installers are also available to download from the binary-factory. These versions are intended for testing purpose. Get involved and help us make them better!

  • Stabil version. Skapad från den senaste versionen av den stabila grenen. Innehåller de senaste felrättningarna.
  • Instabil version. Skapad från den senaste versionen av utvecklingsgrenen.

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