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Krita 是一款功能齐全的数字绘画软件。
它的启动画面可以为您展示 Krita 的最新官方新闻。
Krita 还提供了手绘动画制作所需的全套工具和面板。

Krita 是一款功能齐全的数字绘画工作室软件。


Krita 是绘制概念美术、漫画、纹理和接景的理想选择。Krita 支持多种色彩空间,如 8 位和 16 位整数及 16 位和 32 位浮点的 RGB 和 CMYK 颜色模型。

Krita 具有功能强大的笔刷引擎、种类繁多的滤镜以及便于操作的交互设计,可让你尽情、高效地挥洒无限创意。


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4.3.0 2020-06-18

Three months after the release of Krita 4.2.9, we’ve got a major new feature release for you: Krita 4.3.0! We’ve spent the past year not just fixing bugs, even though we fixed over a thousand issues, but have also been busy adding cool new stuff to play with.

There’s a whole new set of brush presets that evoke watercolor painting. There’s a color mode in the gradient map filter and a brand new palettize filter and a high pass filter. The scripting API has been extended. It’s now possible to adjust the opacity and lightness on colored brush tips separately. You can now create animated brush tips that select brush along multiple dimensions. We’ve made it possible to put the canvas area in a window of its own, so on a multi monitor setup, you can have all the controls on one monitor, and your images on the other. The color selector has had a big update. There’s a new snapshot docker that stores states of your image, and you can switch between those. There’s a brand new magnetic selection tool. Gradients can now be painting as spirals.

AppImage - x86_64 (210.28 mb)

sha256: 488a6c27876612fca710609483a265821c6bb802d24edf1e970a544744f1c75d

AppImage - x86_64 (32.01 mb)

sha256: 11744659641e61d180592851453f2b278ce445ea828067037b57c0af0339571a

macOS - x86_64 (180.96 mb)

sha256: 5a8da4d00dc2678a865a3d4938eba4b1a739fc92ffc700e91eae56b67162ce28

Windows - win64 (116.77 mb)

sha256: 39346273dfa9397af61f4caf779e2d3d5d59a43d67248bc827b6704a08e9e59f

Windows- win32 (114.43 mb)

sha256: 15018230d2fd5caa8a3778b1ff88b0582d93255108e1e5f781880d1d5401e9e3


sha256: 4ef711887dd3ec5f2a1c42a80f2fd0fec1de0d4f3d0147b0efd418ac6e4d7567 2020-03-26 2019-11-27 2019-03-10