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  • 活動
  • 待辦事項
  • 多行事曆
  • 匯入行事曆


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21.08 2021-08-31
21.07 2021-07-20
21.06 2021-06-10

Improvements and fixes

  • Ensure that the footer inline message is displayed on top of the content
  • Show events by default only on wide screens
  • On desktop, ensure that no more than two page columns are visible at the same time
  • Update translations
21.05 2021-05-10
1.4.0 2021-03-01

New features, improvements and fixes

  • Show progress of month swipes
  • Improve calendar month performance
  • Directly open calendar files
  • Show import notifications in the app footer
  • Fix inline message display on desktop
  • Introduce the import-calendar-data action
  • Fix scheduling of repeating events
  • Fix time picker display
  • Add attendees support to events
  • Refactor event and task editor pages
  • Prevent accidental task or event deletion
  • Offer attendee role editing
  • Solve string puzzles
  • Add a proper generic name for the application
  • Offer export functionality
  • Offer import on specific calendars