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KAlgebra 中 2D 繪圖
KAlgebra 是一套可以取代您的圖形計算器的應用程式。它有數值、邏輯、符號與分析等功能,讓您計算您的數學式,並繪出平面或立體的圖形。KAlgebra 是基於 Mathematical Markup Language (MathML)。不過即使您不知道 MathML 也可以使用 KAlgebra。
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23.08.1 2023-09-14
23.08.0 2023-08-24
23.04.3 2023-07-06
23.04.2 2023-06-08

數學_KAlgebra Windows installers are also available to download from the binary-factory. These versions are intended for testing purpose. Get involved and help us make them better!